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Permanent Dumpster

Mini Dumpster Rental Brooklyn projects are very popular in Brooklyn because of redevelopment of downtown Brooklyn. On this image you see a mini dumpster at one of our client's project ready to be taken away and replaced with another mini dumpster. The image was taken in May 2021 in Brooklyn

Asides from our dumpster rental services, we also offer permanent dumpster services for residential homes, commercial building and public areas. People generally do not know the importance of a dumpster until one is needed. There is a distinction between a rented dumpster and a permanent dumpster. A rented dumpster is used for temporary purposes such as construction or demolition, while a permanent dumpster is used in homes and commercial buildings. Whichever your need is, we at Dumpster Rental Brooklyn can adequately satisfy your dumpster need without fuss. We offer all these services at affordable rates.


Difference Between A Permanent Dumpster And A Temporary Dumpster

The general use of a dumpster is for disposal of wastes, so people generally don’t pay attention to the intricacies of it. There two known categories of dumpsters which serve different purposes.  A temporary dumpster is usually a rental is used for things that only require a dumpster for a short period. A permanent dumpster on the other is the one found in most commercial buildings such as office buildings, grocery stores, etc. It can be there from 6 months to one year, depending on the preference of the owner of the building.


Permanent Dumpsters And Its Uses

Permanent dumpsters are commonly used to dispose of common wastes such as food, papers, plastics, etc. It can be emptied daily or monthly, depending on the arrangement with your waste disposal company. At Dumpster Rental Brooklyn, we will strategically place the dumpster on your property for ease of pick up and to prevent it from constituting a nuisance to your building. We have various sizes ranging from 2 to 8 yards readily available for you, all you need do is contact us and request, we will deliver it to you in no time.


Our Permanent Dumpster Services

When you contact us for your permanent dumpster service, we assess your building and the frequency of wastes that is likely to emanate from the building. This is what we use in recommending the size of the dumpster that will be best for you. Another essential feature of our service is the position of the dumpster. We can give you tips on how to avoid rodents. We also consider the pick-up truck, it is important to place the dumpster where it is clear and accessible for the waste disposal truck when trying to empty the dumpster.


Dumpster Placement

After we recommend and you choose where your sinister will be, it important to ensure that some things are not present around the dumpster. For example, you can not choose an area where there are trees or hanging wires that will obstruct delivery or waste pick up trucks. For commercial buildings, make sure that it is not far from where your staff can reach in quick time. We also recommend that you build a concrete enclosure pad for your dumpster, this is to prevent other people from using it and also make it less visible to people.

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